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As a senior, recovering from total ankle replacement, I made little progress in the first six weeks on a conventional physical therapy program. My foot was numb, and I had to get the feeling back. The severed nerves had to heal before they could tell my muscles what to do. I needed someone who could work with me to promote healing, and bridge the gap between what I can do, and what I want to do. Corey O’Neill at Pro Spine and Sport in Central Point is the person who is helping me to regain my full potential. The modalities that are helping me the most are Active Release Technique, TENS (Trans-Cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Ultrasound (warm), Laser (cold), Graston Technique (desensitization to pain) and Kinesiology taping. Corey listens to my feedback about progress or problems I have experienced since my last visit. He has many tools to choose from, but he thinks outside the box. With his help, I am gradually learning to walk longer distances and more naturally without pain. Corey is the person who is able to give me the personalized care and passive therapy that I need to progress in my active recovery.


I am generally skeptical of chiropractors and I don’t visit the doctor at all. However, I heard good things about Pro Spine & Sport so I decided to give it a try. I have never been very flexible and I can barely touch the middle of my shins….forget about the toes. But after just one visit with Corey I was able to touch my toes! This may seem minor, but for me it was major. I have never been able to do that my entire life! He did an excellent job and was able to pinpoint the areas that were causing problems in my flexibility. He definitely is not your typical chiropractor in that he does not just focus on ‘alignments’ and repeated visits. What he did for me was an incredible help to my flexibility and overall movement. I am very happy with him and will continue to use his services.


I am a new patient here and have only been to one other Chiropractor. I have been hard on my legs with playing sports like soccer, running and skiing. The lateral movement from soccer has been wearing on my legs. I have recently started in ultra marathon running and discovered a new level of pain with scar tissue and inflammation in my legs. I have spent a large portion of money on massage therapy and spas.

I recently became a patient of Dr. O and he introduced me to Graston. It is a bit painful however it was more effective than any other method I have tried. I have spoken to other ultra marathon runners and they have shared similar testimonies on the effectiveness of this therapy. It is amazing!

Dr O is an incredible athlete himself and his empirical understanding of what athletes go through is exceptional. I would recommend this practice to any athlete looking to keep their body operating like a fine tuned oiled machine!


I’ve only been in 2xs, and am extremely pleased with Corey and his service! I have had 3 knee surgeries and one major shoulder surgery. He knows how to work around my limitations and still get things to cooperate. Also, I love the fact that he has Christian music on in his office. That always says a lot about a person, in my opinion! Thank you Corey!!


I came into Corey’s office in so much pain in my neck, left shoulder & arm, middle back, and down my left leg from my phsiatic nerve. No injuries, but pregnancies and hormones wreaked havoc in my body and even running became difficult as it was affecting my gait. I could even see my left collarbone sitting noticeably lower than my right! I had not been sleeping well on and off for 6 months until the pain became so unbearable I was an emotional wreck. My husband recommended I go see Dr. O’Neill after meeting him at the Den. We don’t have insurance and I didn’t think I could find affordable chiropractic care. I am so glad I did!

After my first visit and talk with Corey, I found I had way more going on in my body than I realized. It seems as though my joints and spine are very unstable and loose causing for a host of misalignments, pinched nerves, and pain if I don’t keep it in check. He has used several different techniques including ultrasound, tens machine, manual adjustments, and the graston tool that, in my opinion, all feel therapeutic. As complex as my spine issues were and continue to be, I experienced amazing results by just my 3rd appointment. The amount of pain relief alone has allowed me to settle back into normal daily functions. My left collarbone and shoulder are actually sitting almost level with my right and my gait is feeling much more even. I have even been able to tolerate using a pillow and side sleeping which is a big deal!

I recommend seeing Dr. O’Neill because he is not only affordable, but he really is a great Chiropractor! He’s always attentive to my concerns and I’m glad to call him a friend. I will continue to see him for any chiropractic needs.


I previously visited Pro Spine and Sport for a knee injury I had during a stint of ultra marathons. Corey fixed my knee pain, so I knew that I could trust him with other injuries. While kayaking in Northern California, I bruised my lower rib. I went to Corey after a week of dealing with the pain. I was going crazy not being able to exercise. After two sessions with Corey I was feeling much better and could easily run and workout regularly. Thanks Corey, you always come through brother.


Corey, I wanted you to know my lower back feels wonderful. No pain or stiff muscles at all. Last night was the first time I went to bed pain free in my lower back. Getting up this morning was the same. So far,so good! Got up feeling really good and could walk upright with no tense pain involved!! Your table is awesome,I’m truly impressed. Im sold on this table and you. Thank you Corey,for the first time in years I feel human again. No pain means life! That table and me are going to be very close friends!!! 😉 ( along with you guys ,ofcouse!) Just wanted you to know. LOVE your table!! Thank You!!!


When I walked in the door of Pro Spine & Sport, I couldn’t raise my arm over my head, the shoulder pain was so excruciating. A masseuse had told me about Dr. O’Neill and I wondered why I hadn’t thought of seeing a chiropractor before. After just a few sessions (and exercises he told me about) my shoulder is much better—in fact I have cancelled my appointment with the orthopedic doctor.

Dr. O’ Neill listened intently about my health history. I am a breast cancer survivor and have had extensive surgery. He adjusted his approach to accommodate my body. I feel so comfortable having him work on me and I always find relief when I leave his office.
I highly recommend Dr. O’Neill. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. It shows in his work. I am thankful I have discovered him and will continue to frequent his practice for body “tune-ups”.